We have created nests for you on our estate that are primval, beautiful, natural, free.

The nights you will spend with us will be a genuine return to nature. The starry sky, the scents of the surrounding forest, the sounds of night and day residents, countless flavors and much more. See for yourself!

Nesting resort Sunny Paradise estate

Have you ever slept in a nest? What does nesting even mean? How can you nest? Who can you nest with? And above all, why nest? You can get answers to all these questions from us, in our new “nests”. Visit Nesting Resort sunny Paradise estate.


In such an environment, it is easier to get in touch with our true self, our partner or family. The comfortable shelter of the nest gives us the opportunity to connect even more closely with each other, all while each individual has enough space for their own world.

Nesting resort Sunny Paradise estate

They say that birds are the happiest creatures in the world. They spend their childhood in the nest, which is the most beautiful home in the world, but only until the moment when they have to take off. Then they spread their wings and fly away to freedom. It is said that this feeling of freedom is taken away from a human. At the Sunny Paradise Estate we do not think so. A kind word from the hosts, far from the crazy world, an embrace of nature, in your nest. You can be completely alone, or you can bring your offspring with you. You can be business or pleasure. There are no boundaries as the nests liberate.

The designers and first visitors of the new nests are Petra and Bogdan. Their handshake and friendly greeting, the discretion and at the same time the well-being they offer you are the qualities that will make your overnight stays and daily activities something special and unique.


Nesting Resort – Vodole 2 – 2229 Malečnik – Slovenija